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Canyon X Guide Paddle

Sawyer Paddles and Oars

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The Sawyer Canyon X: a light-duty whitewater guide paddle for finesse. Classic style, with an Ash and Fir shaft for flexibility. Large, straight blade with carbon fiber reinforcement for power. Dynel ToughEdge for resilience. View full description


The Sawyer Canyon X exemplifies a light-duty whitewater guide paddle tailored for finessing in and around rapids. Crafted in the classic guide paddle style, it boasts an oval laminated Ash and Fir shaft, offering unparalleled flexibility and tactile feedback, perfect for navigating tricky waters. The large, straight blade is engineered for exceptional power and precise maneuvering, reinforced with a blend of carbon fiber and fiberglass to ensure durability in the face of rigorous conditions. Completing this masterpiece is the full perimeter Dynel ToughEdge, enhancing its resilience and longevity, all wrapped up in a stunning wooden design that's as reliable as it is aesthetically pleasing.


  • Light-duty finesse whitewater guide paddle
  • Laminated Ash and Doug fir with Western Red Cedar and Walnut in the blade
  • Oval carbon fiber and fiberglass X-Weave reinforced shaft
  • Carbon fiber reinforced straight blade
  • Full perimeter Dynel ToughEdge
  • Hot Dog grip



Sawyer Paddles and Oars
Straight Shaft Lengths:
56 in - 72 in
Blade Dimensions:
8.5" W x 21" L
Average Weight:
32 oz

Warranty Information

The Sawyer Guarantee: Any defect not due to misuse, abuse, accident or neglect will be repaired or replaced. We guarantee our paddle and oar products against defects in materials or workmanship for one year.