Sawyer Paddles and Oars FAQ's

Find the answers to some of our most asked questions!

How does Sawyer measure oars?

Our oars and shafts are listed at the finished length of the entire oar, assuming that a standard blade and handle are attached. For example, if you want a 9' composite oar, select a 9' shaft in any of our options, then add a standard size blade, and you will have an oar with a total length of 9'.

What size do Sawyer Oar Blades come in?

Sawyer offers oar blades in two lengths to accommodate your various needs out on the water. Our standard length blade is 30”, and our stubby length is 24”. If you attach a stubby oar blade to a Sawyer shaft, your oar will be 6” shorter than the length of the shaft size listed.

Can I lengthen or shorten my current Sawyer oar setup?

Is your oar a composite (i.e. Polecat or MXS)? Then yes, you can! We have designed a few aftermarket options so you can lengthen or shorten your standard oars. (*Does not apply to SMOKER Bandit Carbon Fiber Oars.)

Are Sawyer oars & oar locks sold in pairs?

Unless stated otherwise, all oars and oarlocks are sold individually. You need two to tango. To purchase a set of oars or pair of oarlocks, select a quantity of two (2) when adding them to your cart.

I broke an oar/blade. Can I fix it?

We get it. Stuff happens in shallow water, big water, and sometimes even the garage. We are here to help get you back on the water quickly. Please email us at and include images, information about the circumstances and damage, as well as the purchase info/order receipt. We will do our best to find you a solution by either suggesting a kit to make repairs or sending the item back to us for further inspection and possible warranty claim. Please note that in some cases, the repair is impossible, and a new replacement will be the only option.

Please refer to our Warranty & Returns Policy for more infromation.

Shipping rates are high! Why? What can be done?

Shopping local and supporting our dealers in your area is the best way to avoid shipping costs! Our Sawyer Dealer Locator will help you find your new favorite gear shop. If you purchase directly from us, please know that we strive to make shipping our products as cost-effective as possible. When purchasing our SquareTop Oars or any oar 9’6” or longer, your shipment will be heavy and considered an extreme length - which raises the rates charged by our carriers. We will do our best to reduce those charges to you, if possible, at the time of shipment. In some instances, due to freight delivery, we will need a commercial delivery address for your order. In this instance, we’ll reach out to you to confirm shipping details.